I agree to:

•Use the information resources, services, and network for educational purposes only.

•Follow accepted rules of behavior.

•Protect the privacy of my username and password from others.

•Not to access another individual's files, make copies of, or modify files, data, or passwords belonging to other users, or to use their name and password.

•Not to reveal personal information, such as name, address, or telephone number, without written permission from my parent or guardian.

•Follow the rules of copyright law and software license agreements.

•Not use the Internet and wide-area network of the District for political lobbying, product advertising, personal profit, and private business.

•Not to harm or destroy any hardware, software, or data.

•Not to participate in any actions which may be considered inappropriate, harmful, or dangerous to the integrity of the computer, the District’s wide-area network, and the Internet.

•Not to use or visit web sites that includes obscene, sexually explicit, slanderous, malicious, or threatening language.

•Not to change any computer settings without permission from my teacher.

•Immediately notify my teacher (or supervisor) should I access something questionable.

By continuing you have read the guidelines for computer use, understand them, and agree to follow them.

Access to the Internet and Wyandotte Public Schools’ wide area network is given as a privilege to users who agree to act in a lawful and responsible manner. You are agreeing to follow the rules set by Board Policy while using the information resources, services and network of the District. The purpose of these guidelines, stated in this screen, is to make you aware of the responsibilities you are about to undertake. If you violate any of these provisions, your access will be terminated and further disciplinary action may be taken according to Wyandotte Public Schools’ Policy and Michigan Law.

Our computers and technology are to provide additional resources to staff and students many learning opportunities, collaboration, and to create learners for the 21st century. Access to the network is a privilege, not a right. It is important that staff and students act in a responsible way that adheres to school policy. In this way, the advantages that we all can gain from this resource will remain a positive educational influence in the development and growth of all our students.